Spring Fashion Trends for the Feminist

Tassels “Tassels are so fun! You can wear them as earrings, on a chain as a necklace, or even lining a top!” — SexyMagazinewithMalnurishedModels When I see a tassel, I think stripper. Thank you, cable television, for giving me images of strip clubs that I can’t unsee. I’m sure there’s some man I can blameContinue reading “Spring Fashion Trends for the Feminist”

“Gimme Dat Trophy” – 3 reasons why school didn’t prepare me for life

I wonder if our education system really prepared me for the real world.  3 things that bother me: Trophies for participation. The grading system  – “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” are all good enough to get to the next grade. Everyone gets to the next level the same way – Everyone has to pass grades 9,Continue reading ““Gimme Dat Trophy” – 3 reasons why school didn’t prepare me for life”

Another warning label to ignore…

Today, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon ruled against the FDA’s proposed warning labels for cigarette packs.  See story here Currently, there’s a succinct warning label on the side of the pack that we have all seen and many have chosen to ignore: The proposal by the FDA was to include graphic images that include rottingContinue reading “Another warning label to ignore…”

Operation Tech and Balances – Results

How much do I use the computer?  I overindulge.  A lot.  I did the math.  After tracking my use for 1 week in Operation Tech and Balances, I discovered that I spend about 48% of my time awake each day using the computer!  Now, most of that is for work – I work about 10Continue reading “Operation Tech and Balances – Results”

Do Bee a Dick

I wrote a while ago about  my love of books.  I claimed it started with the Nancy Drew series, but maybe it really started with Golden Books.     They were colorful and had this beautiful gold strip lining the binding.  I am told they occupied quite a bit of my time when I was little. Another childhoodContinue reading “Do Bee a Dick”

Tech and Balances

I have a confession.  I am an information junkie.  I have always enjoyed reading, but this crazy thing Al Gore invented totally blows Encyclopedia Britannica out of the water! Back in the day I could get direct information without banner ads screaming in my face and without access to shopping, entertainment news and social networkingContinue reading “Tech and Balances”

Matt Damon for President

Watching the most recent Republican debate last night I walked away more confused than ever.  I’m just not in love with any of the candidates or the incumbent.  Sorry, but it’s true. Why can’t we have a young, hard-working, honest, ambitious, well-educated candidate with great stage presence and phenomenal speaking skills? Imagine if Matt DamonContinue reading “Matt Damon for President”

How to Literally Exercise Self-Control

I have always thought that the world was divided into people with good self-control and the rest of us.  There are those who workout every day at 5:00am and the rest of us.  There are those who stay focused and ignore the office chitchat, and there’s the rest of us.  There are those who don’tContinue reading “How to Literally Exercise Self-Control”

Characters are People Too

Have you a read a book that changed your life?  For me, that book was The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene. I got this book from Santa in 1987 – the year that I really wanted a computer.   The home computer was not popular just yet, so I knew I was dreaming when IContinue reading “Characters are People Too”

Beating China with Brownies

If the race to be the world’s super power includes a bake-off, we’ll be all set… In case you have not seen this before, let me show you what  America’s young innovators are creating: It’s called the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan.  Like me, you may have seen this in a store.  It’s apparently life-changing enoughContinue reading “Beating China with Brownies”