Novel Update

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I have completed the first draft of my novel, The Sweet Spot!!!

It’s been several years and a huge learning curve, but I have actually completed a book! I’m in the midst of rewriting the book into Scrivener, which I hope will help me to organize and reorganize as needed.

About The Sweet Spot:

After suffering a personal tragedy, a North Carolina woman latches onto the fun-loving, ambitious new family in town, who seem to have it all.

Told from the point of view of a mother and daughter, The Sweet Spot focuses on the complicated relationships that women have, especially in the South as it approaches the end of the 21st century. Set in the fictional town of Springville, NC, The Sweet Spot tells the tale of one woman who bucks societal norms and another who wishes she could do the same. How do they prepare their young daughters for a changing world while also honoring Southern tradition?