Do Bee a Dick

I wrote a while ago about  my love of books.  I claimed it started with the Nancy Drew series, but maybe it really started with Golden Books.


They were colorful and had this beautiful gold strip lining the binding.  I am told they occupied quite a bit of my time when I was little.

Another childhood favorite was the Do Bee Books.

I loved these, as well. They were guideline books telling little ones how to be good little girls and boys or “Do Bees”.  I wanted to be a “Do Bee” and not be a “Don’t Bee”.

I think these books largely did their job.  I grew up a fairly considerate kid and, I think, a well-mannered and diligent adult.  Even today I think of trying to be  “Do Bee”.

More seriously, I try to be like the best “Do Bee” I ever knew, my father.  My father’s name was Richard, but everyone called him Dick.  It’s not a very popular nickname now.  In fact the derogatory nature of that nickname is something I encounter on a regular basis.  I work on Wall Street.  I encounter Dicks everywhere I turn and very few of them are actually named Richard.

When we were little my cousins wondered what they should call their uncle.  And so they asked my mother, Aunt Helen, if it was okay to call their uncle, Uncle Dick.  She said yes.

My father, Dick was a very practical, well-read and economical man.  I always admired him, and when said with the right tone, I am flattered to be called “Little Dick”.

Unfortunately, my father is no longer here, but his legacy remains.  I find myself constantly trying to be a “Little Dick”.  I think Big Dick would love that I created a website about sensible things.  Sensibility is one of the many traits we had in common.  I think if I had to write my own children’s book of manners I might entertain the idea of  using the title “Do Bee a Dick”…then I might come to my sense and rework that title…

Perhaps a better way to honor him is to start another category on this site – “Do Bee a Dick”.

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Storyteller, communicator and lover of sarcasm

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