Operation Tech and Balances – Results

How much do I use the computer?  I overindulge.  A lot.  I did the math.  After tracking my use for 1 week in Operation Tech and Balances, I discovered that I spend about 48% of my time awake each day using the computer!  Now, most of that is for work – I work about 10 hours/day.  So excluding work, I use the computer about 12% of my time awake.  That’s almost 2 hours a day!

How do you find the time, you may ask?  Well, it’s split between pre-work and post-work, and is usually in 5 to 15 mins intervals.  It’s sneaky time that adds up throughout the course of the day.

Exactly what am I spending my time doing?  Here’s the breakdown:

31% (36 mins) Blogging

24% (27 mins) Reading news

18% (21 mins) General internet surfing

17% (20 mins) Email

10% (12 mins) Social Networking (Facebook and LinkedIn, mostly)

So I spend most of my time blogging.  That makes it sound like a super busy posting all the time.  Well, all that time includes drafting blog posts, reading other blogs on WordPress and checking my blog stats.  Hopefully, I’ll become more efficient with my time…

A lot of my time reading news is in lieu of watching the news on television.

General internet surfing includes researching recipes (I have to feed the family).  However, it does include a lot of time on my favorite time sucking site – Pinterest.

I was surprised to find that I spend almost 20 mins a day emailing, because I don’t feel like I am writing that many emails.  Well, a lot of that time is spent checking (1-2mins every hour) and responding to emails.

I’m not a huge social networking person away from the Blog.  I check Facebook once or twice a day to catch up with folks and to see their kids’ pictures.  I also used LinkedIn for a couple of minutes a day to catch up with the professional peeps.  Still, it takes up about 12 minutes of my day.

So how do I think I fared in Operation Tech and Balances?  Um, I think my balance is a little off.

I complain about not having enough time for a number of things – house chores, working out and keeping up with family.  Um, well, I think I’ve been lying to myself.

I don’t have time to take care of broken things in the house.  Um, yes I do, if I spend 10 minutes less a day reading the news maybe I could call a plumber or chimney sweep.

I don’t have time to call back so-and-so.  Um, yes I do, if I spend 5 minutes less on Facebook maybe I could directly talk to a friend.

I don’t have time to workout.  Um, yes I do, if I cut blogging time by 16 minutes and Internet time by 4 minutes I could do a 20 minute workout DVD.

I don’t have enough time to spend with my son. Of course, I can never have enough, but I can certainly find more time.  I’m guilty of trying to multi-task by checking email while the little guy plays with blocks next to me or reading news while he reads his books.  Yes, I do need time for myself, but I should try to be more engaged with him.  Also, I need to lead by example here and show him that the computer is not used all the time.

Oh, technology!  I do love you, but love is blind sometimes. I need to get my life back into balance and get back to my senses.

Anyone else out there feel the same way?  If you feel up to the challenge, take the 1 week Techs and Balances assessment and share how you’re spending your time?  If you want a quick and dirty spreadsheet to calculate your time, let me know, and I’ll send one to you.

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