Matt Damon for President

Watching the most recent Republican debate last night I walked away more confused than ever.  I’m just not in love with any of the candidates or the incumbent.  Sorry, but it’s true. Why can’t we have a young, hard-working, honest, ambitious, well-educated candidate with great stage presence and phenomenal speaking skills? Imagine if Matt DamonContinue reading “Matt Damon for President”

Mothballs and Healthcare

I hope the title of this post did not throw you.  I am not writing about the effects of mothballs on your health.  The last time I checked mothballs were not hazardous to your health (although you may want to check with your doctor to be absolutely sure).  I am also not writing a political thingContinue reading “Mothballs and Healthcare”

Beating China with Brownies

If the race to be the world’s super power includes a bake-off, we’ll be all set… In case you have not seen this before, let me show you what  America’s young innovators are creating: It’s called the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan.  Like me, you may have seen this in a store.  It’s apparently life-changing enoughContinue reading “Beating China with Brownies”