Create your own magazine or newspaper

I am on an ongoing quest to make technology my friend and not my foe (see Techs and Balances).  Lately, my favorite technology friend-maker is Flipboard. I’m seriously late to the game on this one.  Apple named it App of the Year….in 2010, and Time proclaimed it one of the Top 50 Innovations…once again, inContinue reading “Create your own magazine or newspaper”

I’ve been given the Versatile Blogger Award!

This is not an April Fool’s Joke – I’ve actually been nominated for an award.  Thank you Peace, Love & Fabulous Things for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! First of all, I haven’t been nominated for an award since I was a kid.  Second of all, I can’t believe anyone cares what I have toContinue reading “I’ve been given the Versatile Blogger Award!”

How did I ever live without Evernote!

You know how gamers get all excited about the latest “World of Warcraft” or Apple addicts will wait in line for days for the latest iPhone?   I’m not that fanatical about most things, but I do get very excited when I hear of a new organizing tool.  You heard me – “organizing”. It’s not superContinue reading “How did I ever live without Evernote!”