SensibleSusan is the unsexy nickname given to me by a friend who noticed that I am level-headed and results-oriented. In other words, a pretty sensible person to have around. I am also someone who likes to be organized and streamlined, and I found there were many tools available to help. Instead of just sharing my finds with my friends, I thought I could share more broadly with a blog. And so, SensibleSusan, the blog was born.

Professionally, I am Susan Van Sciver, both in my past as a banker and in my current role as a writer. Please check out the Publications menu above. Hopefully, more will be added there soon!

Thanks for making your way here, hope you come back!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Susan, I enjoyed reading SensibleSusan I loved your story on the Earth Day. Your voice is wonderful with such humor. I also have a Blog which I worked hard to create but have not posted yet. You are giving me the inspiration to act on it.
    Enjoy hearing your stories.
    Nancy Napoli

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